Thursday, November 11, 2010

Religion of Peace again presented.

A Request for My Muslim Friends

11/10/2010 - James White
For those of the Muslim faith who abhor violence and murder, could you direct me, please, to the fatwas that are being pronounced from recognized Islamic centers of jurisprudence against the Muslims who are busily murdering the People of the Gospel in Iraq? Here is an example from today. I know there are Muslims who believe such actions are wrong, but I would like to see the official fatwas against this kind of activity. Please use the Contact link on the web page to provide the URLs to these statements. Thank you! 

And then we have-------------------

And a Canadian Muslim Responds....

11/10/2010 - James White
A radical Muslim who has been banned from our chat channel decided to provide a glowing example of the problems Islam has with its followers by sending in this e-mail:


Subject: Islam



- Murder all cross worshipers in Iraq and send the survivors to USA and let them stay with Bush. Hows that?

I Agree:


Well there you go! Thanks to this Canadian Muslim, who lives in the Toronto area (in a nice area of town from what I'm told by those up in that area), for showing us the love he has for "cross worshipers." Of course, we do not worship the cross, but we worship the one who gave His life upon the cross to redeem guilty sinners and bring us peace with the Father. And it is that One, the Incarnate Son, prophesied long before in the Scriptures, the eternal Son of God, fully God and fully Man, who is the only hope this man will ever have of standing before God without experiencing His wrath. I pray God will be merciful to him and open his eyes to the glory of Christ Jesus.

Meanwhile, another Muslim (I won't give his name unless he wants me to---I have interacted with him before) wrote and basically said my request was silly. In essence, he said you won't find such fatwas since that issue was settled long before, and Islam condemns the killing of innocent people. Well, that's wonderful---so why is it that men like Nidal Malik Hasan, the Fort Hood mass murderer (who not only killed adults, but shot and killed a pregnant woman), are treated as heroes in the Islamic world? I pointed out that in the thinking of men like the Canadian Muslim above, there are no innocent people! Since we are all born Muslims, and then are perverted into Christians or Jews or whatever, then none of us are innocent, in their thinking. That's how they get around these things. I am glad for all the Muslims who think this is a "done deal," but when I see my brothers and sisters dying daily around the world, I am left wondering why the word can't be gotten out just a bit better by Muslim leaders, you know?

Note by Tartanarmy,

Here is what I think. If Islam teaches Muslims that they can deceive Christians ( Al Takeyyawhen they are not in power, or to defend Muslims, then why would anyone be surprised if Muslims are not coming forward en mass to speak out against the violence done to Christians?
How can we trust Islam in any meaningful way? That is my dilemma.

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