Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Norm Geisler---Heretic. Plain and simple, and oh yeah...Nitric Acid!

I know many shall call me out on this but I do not care anymore.
I simply do not care.

If the man believes what he says in this video and the others associated with it "as in a whole series" on God's Sovereignty, then the man is a heretic. Plain and simple.

In fact, just in this video alone he really and truly advocates the main tenant of OPEN THEISM.

There, I said what others will not say.

The god of the "possibilities and the best kind of all possible worlds" is what OPEN THEISM as heresy teaches, and so too does this man Norman Geisler.

There. I said it.
Proclaim the real truth and be proud no matter what men and even good men shall say.


And if Jesus is suffering and going through all that he did for "everyone", then what hope do I have for me, when Judas and Pharoah recieved as much for them that I did.

What hope is that to live by?

And as for "miracles so called" being very rare, what then of all the people every day being saved by the greatest miracle of all, namely regeneration or the new birth?
So much for the free will idea of many people everywhere coming to Christ.
Which is it?
Many miracles or few miracles?

Such is the inconsistency of Arminianism/Semi Palagianism, Such is the idea of open heresy.

Some ask me if Arminians, "real" arminians are saved, and I say the following.

Many might be saved in their inconsistency, but many more might actually be as lost as the city of Alantis. That is my sincere belief after years of interaction with many hundreds of Arminians.

I would rather be standing with George Whitfield than John Wesley on the great day of Judgement any day of the week.

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