Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Pit bull-related fatalities....Please consider.

Yet again, another incident here in Australia results in two elderly people being mauled by this breed of dog.

Why is it, this breed has such a bad reputation?
Do the research and educate yourself as to why. The truth is out there if you care to find it.


It is now generally settled in case law that jurisdictions in the United States and Canada have the right to enact breed-specific legislation; however, the appropriateness and effectiveness of breed-specific legislation in preventing dog bite fatalities is disputed.[48] One point of view is that pit bulls are a public safety issue that merits actions such as banning ownership, mandatory spay/neuter for all pit bulls, mandatory microchip implants and liability insurance, or prohibiting people convicted of a felony from owning pit bulls.[49][50] Another point of view is that comprehensive "dog bite" legislation, coupled with better consumer education and legally mandating responsible pet keeping practices, is a better solution to the problem of dangerous dogs than breed-specific legislation.[51][52]

A third point of view is that breed-specific legislation should not ban breeds entirely but should strictly regulate the conditions under which specific breeds could be owned, e.g., forbidding certain classes of individuals from owning them, specifying public areas from which they would be prohibited, and establishing conditions, such as requiring a dog to wear a muzzle, for taking dogs from specific breeds into public places.[53] Finally, some governments, such as in Australia, have forbidden the import of specific breeds and are requiring the spay/neuter of all existing dogs of these breeds in an attempt to slowly eliminate the population through natural attrition.[54][55]

Fatalities reported in the United States (2005–2009)

The following table summarizes the number of pit bull-related fatalities in the United States from 2005–2009 as reported by news organizations:
Dog Bite-related Fatalities in the United States.[44]
Year Total Involving pit bull-type dogs
2005 28 17 (62%)
2006 29 15 (52%)
2007 34 18 (53%)
2008 23 15 (65%)
2009 30 14 (47%)   

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