Monday, October 04, 2010

Lest we forget....Hmmm

Paul told us that the purpose of the Body of Christ is to stir the Jews to jealousy. We are to share with them the Gospel and therefore the message that Messiah has come.

Here we have a series of videos from Synagogue 3000 which was held in 2005.
 Just to remind everyone who may start talking again about Rick Warren and the Desiring God conference. If you watch the videos below you shall see why Warren is the great speaker he is, and he is.
But my problem is about whether Christians are discerning enough to see through what many of our sound teachers cannot see through. We shall see.

Remember, these are not Christians. These are Jewish leaders Warren is talking to.
They have no interest in Christ. Yet Rick Warren is more than happy to help them grow their synagogues and help them become "Purpose Driven".

Remember, I didn't say this...this is straight from the horse's mouth!
Also, please note where Warren actually apologises to this Jewish audience for bringing up Jesus!!
I kid you not. (Half way through short video 3 below)

Rick Warren is known to adapt to whatever group he is preaching to. It saddens me so many Godly men and women listened to this wolf in sheeps clothing. I love John Piper but He should be ashamed for allowing such a luke warm man to feed His flock. 

3.  (Pardon me for talking about Christian Jesus!)

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