Monday, September 13, 2010

1 Minute to 12? Is it? Maybe for Europe.

All very well to give Islam a platform to freely debate it's teachings, where no reciprocal opportunities exist throughout a large part of the world.
But, here and now, right now, in the very courts of Amsterdam Holland, a politician is on trial for speaking out against a book, an ideology and what shall become of freedom.

Interesting times we live in.
Where are all the Dutch Calvinist's when we need them?


PuritanReformed said...


what Dutch Calvinists? Are you sure there are any left? [ /s ]

Marilyn Huston said...

Can hardly believe your site shows no comments have been added, as yet. Millions should be lauding this man. I don't know anything of his politics but his stand for freedom. That stand alone should be supported by free people all over the world. I am sorry that he is afflicted in this way by a court in The Netherlands. I hope the court redeems itself by an honorable verdict.