Monday, August 02, 2010

Ergun Caner is such a liar!

Yes he is...(No mistake about it)
More soon.

(48:26) Let me tell you great news, Willis, the Lutheran Hour not only here in America - but you have on your mission work, something that spreads into the middle east. And please do not think - for all those who say, "Well, we give our money and want to know, you know, is it being of any effect?" Speaking on behalf of all immigrants, I heard the gospel before I came to America. I heard it because of your transmissions, because of your work, because of the fact that you gave your money. Continue to do so, because you will never know what a profound effect it has on the lives of those -- I was in Islam! I was the son of a muezzin - the one who does the call to prayer - and yet I heard the gospel because of such moves as the Lutheran Hour and others. You got into our lives, because you got into our radios - you got into our televisions - and now, because of satellite, you have an incredible opportunity. This is a time for the church to rise up. For the Lutheran church to rise up, for the various denominations that preach Jesus Christ as the only savior to rise up. Man, this is our chance. (Caner)
I was listening to a talk he did on a Lutheran radio show and in order to impress the
Lutheran host he mentions how he himself had heard the gospel back in the muslim world thanks to a Lutheran radio hour broadcast to where he lived, and yet the man has stated so many times in other contexts that he never heard the gospel and was ignorant of Christianity, and that the Mosque and elsewhere is how he learned anything about Christianity.

Which is it?

For accurate timelines, factual proof and everything to do with the Caner debacle go here........


Anonymous said...

Why don't you tell us what you REALLY think? :-)

Highway dog said...

He is one such as you and me. He is a guy of two or three cultures. Now he as moved from one nation to another, there is no one to who was there to say how it was. You moved from England to Australia. I moved from Mexico and Ecuador to USA. (back and forth) Who is there to check on me? If I say that I summited 6 mountains over 14,000 feet, who is there to say that it happened? Do you keep contact with your friend from elementary school, High school, even University? Have you gotten used to discarding friends like I have? I remember all the good women I have known. Did I treat them right? Now that I am divorced, I remember the good people I have known and could have built a life. Regret? Not much, but not feeling much in thinking about old friends. What if you or I was raised in sociopathic natural man style. When would God's Grace overcome that to my sanctification? When will God's grace overcome my selfishness? It is easy to have here in Usa. I think of these things as I think of Mr. E. Caner... I agree that preaching the Gospel in churches raises the standard. Yes, Mr. E. Caner needs Christian friends to remind him of such a standard glorifying Christ! I fear God when I think of the Standards I should be respecting!

Highway dog said...

You have not yet corrected me that you are Scottish, not English. I was not thinking of all your personal details that you have expressed.
I am sorry that was mistaken.

Mark Farnon (Tartanarmy) said...

Yes, I am Scottish.
Caner needs true friends for sure, but sadly his friends are enablers in the process of fabrications that have been created.

Caner is a showman. He is a teller of tales, a humorist, a public actor.

Maybe he will decide to go after his true calling and get out of the Pulpit and teaching ministry.