Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sometimes an Englishman has his head guillotined by a Frenchman.

Dr Alan Clifford

A Clarification by Jean-Marc Bethoud

A great correction for the modern Calvinists over at The Calvin and Calvinism site, the modern butchers of Historical Calvinism, maintained by Ponter/Byrne and others.

For those of us in the minority, take a good, long read of the following corrective, which just , well, corrects!
And that's a good thing!

Click here then go to page 26 and read on.


Saturday, June 05, 2010

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Paul Manata vs Hitchen"s atheism.

Dr James White shall soon be debating one of the "bulldog" defenders of Atheism, the one and only Christopher Hitchens on Aug 30 in New York. Mr Hitchens always draws a crowd, so should be an excellent opportunity.
Sadly, Hitchens does not really understand much about Christianity, and he is ever over emphasising with no regard to historical context any arguments he brings to the table. The man is on a mission it seems, and to that end he scores well with those already convinced of their atheism. For the thinking person however, his arguments are really very poor, and just about every position he takes has these obvious double standards, which he seems to not care can be used against his own position.

Anyway, for those with any interest upon this subject, below is an eight part critique provided by Paul Manata, on Gene Cook's Unchained radio. Mr Manata goes after Hitchens's arguments as presented in his book "god is not Great".

This is for the really serious student who has an interest in this area, and at times the critique goes a wee bit deep. However, Paul Manata many times makes excellent points, simply by using the very same standard of argument that Hitchens uses.


Christopher Hitchens Book Review Pt. 1 w/Paul Manata