Sunday, April 18, 2010

Warren on Larry King.. And a few questions.

Some comments coming soon, in the form of questions for John Piper to consider based upon some of what Warren here espouses...

"I think Obama is a good leader and doing the best he can".

How can he speak like this about a man who supports such unchristian policies?

When Obama called and asked him to do the inaugural prayer, he immediately agreed to do so. No prayer, no conviction, just whatever the President elect "wants me to do and help".

Was that a wise thing to do?

Martin Luther King is one of his heroes, and he has a picture, signed, hanging in his office.

Is this a man who taught and preached the gospel? Someone to idolize?

He also has a picture of Ghandi as one of his heroes, a man who rejected Christianity.

The "gay marriage" issue is very low down in his list of priorities.

"I don't call myself a Protestant".
And from 7mins on till the end, I have no idea what he is talking about, except to say the "feel good" gospel and "seeker" model is alive and well with this man, which of course is not the gospel.


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