Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Unless you understand human depravity and inability, Calvinism is foolishness....

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Mark (updated 21/04/2010)

Steve Hays took note of this loving blast from one Anthony Sacramone over on the First Things blog:

If Calvinism, especially in its supralapsarian form—which argues that God foreordained the eternal fates of humans not yet created in a world not yet created, never mind fallen—is true, then most of us are lost, and not just because, in the words of Dirty Harry, we don’t feel particularly lucky, but because we are asked to love a monster. A deity who out Hitler’s Hitler in a blood-thirsty self-preening is too repellant to contemplate, never mind adore. Especially one whose obsession with his own glory reduces every person to nothing more than an adornment. If this is true, let’s please stop talking about the sanctity of human life. In this horrific scheme, there is nothing more expendable than a human being. “I need more glory—throw another baby on the barby!” (Whether non-elect infants go to hell has been a long-fought controversy within the Reformed world, admittedly, but there’s nothing it its confessions or theology that seriously argues against it.)
I saw this linked on Dr White's blog, and it made me think again, of not only the misrepresentation, but again..enter... No understanding of Total depravity.


Pete Hoge said...

Is that the correct order
of the 5 solas? Should not
Christ be under God and above
"Sciptura" there a "correct"

I am warming up to Calvin but
it is a learning process.

For me there is just one "sola"
"Soli Deo Gloria".


Kirby L. Wallace said...

I'd say, you're done! Pretty much said it all in the subject line. ;-)

JandR said...


There is no special order to the Solas; however we usually like to list Soli Deo Gloria as the last, for a summation of the first four.

May God bless you in researching the Reformed faith and "Calvinism."

This is a good site where you can ask questions of the host, tartanarmy. He can provide you with sound and Scriptural answers.


PuritanReformed said...


that screed was indeed just sad. How can these people even claim to be able to define their moral concepts by which to judge God is beyond me.

And yes, they don't understand Total Depravity. But the larger problem in their assault on Supralapsarianism is that they do not know their statuses as creatures or rather pots.