Friday, January 08, 2010

Global Warming hoax


As of late, the Global Warming hoax has been taking its share of hits and bad news.
Al Gore has not been seen or heard from in news over the last several weeks.  Some suspect that he's probably hiding from the press in a cave somewhere in the State of Tennessee where he lives.
In reality, he really calls his huge mansion home, which uses an average of more than 12 times the kilowatt hours of electric than the average home in that area of the country according
We all know that God is in control of the environment, not mankind!

Yes, it's true that we should take care of our environment.

However, the facts remain (if you follow the money) that Global Warming was a hoax to make a lot of people very wealthy.  Al Gore is just one of those people.  The reality is (if you're a real Christian) that God is in control.  Man's filth  is simply a dust speck on the windshield of God's creation.

He can clean his windshield any time He wants to.  We really have no control over our environment, but simply an influence, and that influence is just the same as that dust speck on God's windshield, not much.

The email's that were made public about the Global Warming hoax was just the beginning of the end.  Those who manipulated the so-called facts about Global Warming have paid a high price for their stupidity and greed, mostly in the integrity column.

Companies who are, or were in league with these manipulating devils will also pay the price.  General Electric is one such company that will pay for their engagement with the Global Warming hoax.  But, none the less, there will be those die hards and government agencies/employees who will attempt to push this exposed hoax.  Why?  For the Government, it's all about control and taxes!

Today, the Weather Channel noted that 56 percent of the continental U.S. was covered with snow.  Temperatures in the U.S. are frigid and are expected to go lower.  It has been reported that the some people in the UK are burning books to keep warm .   The untimely and historic snows and cold temps in the UK have caused havoc.  Florida races to save its crops because of the cold weather, and in Tampa,flights were delayed because of ice.

The hoax is over and Al Gore 'ain't the king' of Global Warming anymore.  The reality of the Global Warming hoax has come to light, and that is;  God is 'still' in control, and will continue to be in control.

Oh yeah, where I live in Australia, we are still waiting for the usual summer hot weather, but anyday now, it should be here, when the global warming arrives....



Anonymous said...

"A Momentary lapse of Reason" is a perfect label to describe this post.

Mark Farnon (Tartanarmy) said...

Thank you, but you obviously do not quite get the irony, but thanks for the comment!