Friday, November 13, 2009

Life at the beach and Life itself!

Imagine you are on Holiday at some great Beach resort. You are lying down in a nice comfy chair and a drink in one hand and a newspaper in the other. As you look up from the "gossip guide", you take in the view all around you. All is well.
Your eyes fall upon a sign that reads the following, “This beach has the best Lifeguards in all of the Country”.
You think upon that statement and feel good about that, but as you are in no need of a lifeguard, the message does not really move you in any way, so you go back to your paper and relax....


Imagine that you are now swimming out in the nice cool water, thinking about what you were reading in the newspaper, but suddenly and without notice, you get a severe cramp and start to struggle.
You realize that you are further out than you thought and the movement in your body is worse.
You struggle and fight against your own body. You start to sink, and then all of a sudden, you remember that sign you read on the beach about the lifeguards being the best in the whole country.

What you read before so casually, has now become the best message you have ever read. It is your only hope.

Reader, that story is not just a story.

It is a story about how we all live our lives. We hear about a Saviour called Jesus, and we think that is a nice story, but we go on with our lives unaffected by Jesus.
Suddenly, without warning, every one of us shall answer to our creator, and the message we casually heard will be the most important news we could ever hear.

Are you interested in hearing the good news?
All God wants from you, is repentance towards Him, and simple faith in His Son Jesus Christ who died upon the cross for sinners like you and me.

Will you have Him, or will you continue to go your own way?


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