Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A new category...World Religions.


Buddhism is a religion that is definitely growing. It is now the 4th most practiced religion in America and has 350-500 million adherents worldwide. Because of this, one must be prepared to be able to respond to a Buddhist's objections to the Christian message and respond accordingly. To do this, it is very good to have a grasp of the teachings of Buddhism.

The following resource from can either be read or listened to, and contains a great overview of the history of Buddhism and its teachings. Also it contrasts the Buddhist religion to Christianity and gives tips on how to witness to people of that faith.

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Nathan W. Bingham said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere. When are you going to return to the Twittersphere?

Hlaktoong said...

Honestly the acc. on Always be Ready about Buddhism is highschoolish and lame. He makes one of the most basic and well refuted charges against the Buddhas teachings that the goal is a state of ultimate nothingness. This even goes all the way back to the famous Indian teacher Shankara.
I don't mind at all people not likeing or disagreeing with this method of knowledge. What seems disingenuous is pretending to know something from looking it up on Wikipedia then thinking now I've figured it out. That article was strange and misinformed, and shallow.
I will offer a challange here though, if anyone wants to buy that dvd and then thinks they are well versed to be able to convert Buddhists to Jesus you can call me or we can meet for a friendly debate. Try your stuff on me 1st, because if you go up against a really well trained Buddhist Tibetan monk you will not come away unscathed. I don't and will not try to convert you, it's much to hard for that, all I want to do is show that if you want to convert people you should at least have the correct meaning of Buddhism and then realize why others choose this path.

Mark Farnon (Tartanarmy) said...

Twitter? Seems kinda silly, have not really got into the whole twitter thing yet!