Thursday, October 22, 2009

The gospel call is universal but conditional.

It is, in a sense, an offer of salvation, but there is an explicit condition: a condition that none of the non-elect ever fulfill. It's sincerity is not to be judged by a criterion of whether the non-elect can fulfill it, or whether hypothetical provision has been made in case the non-elect were to fulfill it, but rather by the certainty of salvation for those who do fulfill it.

Those who repent of their sins, and turn in faith to Christ alone for salvation will be saved.

Those who do not, will be damned forever.

It's not just an offer,
it's an offer you cannot refuse.

Once you realize that it is the truth, once you appreciate the sinfulness of your sin and the holiness of the God who stands in judgment over you, you'd have to be absolutely out of your mind to refuse to repent and trust in Christ. His yoke is easy and his burden is light.

But the non-elect (in fact, even the elect, prior to regeneration - and thus all the unregenerate men) have a moral inability to come to Christ, because they love darkness better than light.

They hate God and will not heed the warnings that God's messengers give them. The command is there,

Repent and Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ

but to them it is as though someone were mocking.

It is truly a sad thing to watch the wicked perishing, because we have empathy for our fellow men. Let us, therefore, bear testimony to the truth of God's word and seek to persuade those around us to obey the Gospel command, for if they do, they will be saved.


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