Sunday, November 01, 2009

Follow up on Mark Driscoll.

This is a follow up post from another thread found here.

Anyway, I just listenned to the message below from the Crystal Cathedral where Mark preached for Dr Schuller.

A few observations.
Apparently, if we come to call Jesus God and agree with that fact, then all shall be well.
That is the message I heard.

Thing is. I grew up as a Roman Catholic, and even when I fell away from that in later years, I always believed Jesus was indeed God.
In fact, I believed every one of those points Mark raised in that message.

Guess what though?

Well, I was nowhere near the Kingdom of God and even falsely secure in those very same beliefs, thinking I was alright.

Now, given the opportunity to preach in that place, one wonders why an otherwise good bible study on the Deity of Christ was the choice of message, rather than preach the gospel, I do not fully understand.

I report, you decide.

Video Here............


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