Monday, August 03, 2009

A Momentary lapse of Reason...."Oh the absolute shame!" Part 2

Part 2

I sat down to see if anything worth watching on TV, and a show about the Invasion of Iraq popped up on the screen, so as I had been recently thinking about the war over there in Iraq, I decided to watch this program named "Generation Kill".

"Generation Kill"
The cable channel HBO gave the go-ahead to a seven-part miniseries, based on Evan Wright's book about his experiences as an embedded reporter with the United States Marine Corps' 1st Reconnaissance Battalion during the Iraq War's first phase in 2003.

Much of Generation Kill is simply a reflection of Wright's experience riding in a Humvee and listening to the brotherly badinage between the driver, hyperactive Missouri kid Ray Person (James Ransone, from the second season of The Wire) and team leader Brad "Iceman" Colbert (Alexander SkarsgÄrd, a cool drink of water and the heart of the series, with knowing eyes that seem to swallow the world).

My oh my, what an absolute indictment against the US Marines this show represents.
Now, I am no softy, as I have viewed material that would cause many Christians with a weaker disposition or tender conscience to recoil in horror, so I am no lightweight in these matters.

However, this show, depicts the so called brave men over there, as out and out reprobates of the lowest order, but the depiction itself is not presented so much to shock the viewer, as one gets the feeling that what we are seeing and hearing is exactly how these men are, and for me that is what is shocking.

I know it is only "television", but Hollywood likes to tell us all, that in recent years, the standard of "real" drama and "authentic" depictions of real life situations, has been the standard that is coming out more and more as gifted writers emerge.
To a degree this is very true, as I have watched a few shows, like "ER" for example, that were really quite, well, "real" if you know what I mean. Some of these shows are gritty, convincing, contemporary and very well acted, and polished to a high visual and sensory experience.

But this series is altogether something else, and quite frankly, if even only 30% of what I heard out of the mouths of these soldiers were accurate, and I use the term soldier loosely, then America and the rest of the world really is in deep trouble morally and spiritually.

In fact, if the men in this show, are anything like how they are represented, it would be far better for America if Islam were to take over the good old USA, than for the country to breed future men to be like these US Marines as depicted in this series. Now hear me out.

I have never forgotten something my Grandfather repeated to me when I was a child, and those thoughts of his words were pressed to the front of my mind whilst watching this show.
He fought in WW2, and was serving alongside American soldiers in Burma, India.
He was an Engineer and a Lance Corporal, serving in the British Army, but he was always shocked by the lack of discipline and behavior of the American Soldiers. He told me they had little respect for authority and even each other, and it sometimes led him into fights with them for he would tell them to their face what he thought about them. He got more than one black eye he humorously told me!

Unfortunately, this kind of sentiment he had for many of the American soldiers came back to him in a most cruel and sad way, in that after he was sent back to Britain, due to injury, he returned only to find out that his wife had run off with an American soldier who was on leave with many other Americans, whilst he was still serving in India. It was a brutal blow for him.

Well, the US Marines depicted in this show would have to be anything but "good ol boys", that is for sure. There is scarcely a character in the show that one can even slightly empathise with.
The amount of pure filth in their language, the depraved thoughts that they share openly, their racist slurs and complete lack of compassion for anyone is mind numbing. The level of sexual innuendo is rife within the camp, and not the kind of man meets woman type of lust, but fantasies from the soldiers about the letters they receive from young girls, which is nothing short of criminal and Paedophilic in nature to a disgusting level.

America, you are in deep trouble.

Of course you already know that right? But I mean, real deep trouble is looming upon your horizon unless something significant gives in the foreseeable future.

Someone will accuse me of being wimpish in my depictions maybe. They want real men to go and fight a real war and people like me should be thankful and grateful and people like me would want precisely these kinds of men to go and do the dirty job that needs doing.

I am very much aware that if war is needed, I want real men to do the necessary fighting, in that I agree. I do not want to see Women put in harms way either, but it is a different world now.

These men depicted in this show are not real men at all. They are young, brainwashed, many doped out, punked up, manipulated, scared and poor lost souls that are the by product of a Godless heritage that has raised them on MTV, weak parenting, lack of discipline leading to grown men in grown bodies who really have the mind and vernacular of mere children who have been badly, and oh so easily led astray.

If you are a Father, you would in no way ever allow your precious daughter anywhere near these men, and if you did, you would get exactly what is expected, namely regret, pain and disillusionment's.

I fear that America, if it continues to produce these kinds of men and women, then perhaps the end is quite near. That is why I said that an Islamic Invasion of even the entire western world might actually be the very best thing that could ever happen to the West, particularly America and Europe. It could be a real blessing in disguise in so many ways, for such a thing would radically change the entire situation and maybe kill the disease of humanism and Post Modernism that is killing the West in it's gleeful abandonment of Christianity.

I know I sound radical, but think about it for a moment.

What if the West continues to race toward whatever it is currently chasing?
Will things get better or worse?

Just recently, yesterday actually, right here in Australia, we had hundreds of gay people take to the streets in protest for their rights to marry. They were gathered together, kissing and fondling each other, and calling for equal rights under the law, and that for them means the equal right to marry.

Never mind the fact they already have equal rights under the law in every way, including the right to live together, claim benefits and every other equal right given under the same sex laws.
No, they want the obliteration of that God ordained thing called marriage, which is defined as being a union between a man and a woman.

If married people wanted to protest, do you think all the married people would go out and start fondling and kissing each other to make their point? I do not think so, but then again you never know these days what to expect from people do you? Plus, you would have to actually go on a witch hunt to find married people anyway, for they are a dying breed for sure!

Now, back to whatever points I am trying to make.
Oh yes, that series I unfortunately tuned into.

It is scary. It is troubling. It is an eye opener, but most of all it is I believe the continuing fulfillment of Romans 1, where God turns away from men and women and leaves them to their own devices, and how ugly it shall get is still to unfold, and is so before our very eyes.

Now, if you are not one of those Christians who is ready for the end times as predicted in books and film such as "left behind" then what to do?

We must start where we are able.
In the home, with our own immediate children , in order to disciple them, teach them, bring them up in the fear of the Lord, make sure they are in fellowship with other believers as much as possible, and if they are older and under your roof, make sure you have them under your headship with firm but loving guidance and rules and teaching them the Word, and if they are away at College or what have you, insist and make sure they attend Church and mix with believers. Visit them often, speak with their elders etc. Be pro-active and faithful to the Gospel and Christ.

If you are doing this already, keep doing it.

If you are losing control or have lost control, get it back by the authority of God's Word. Call a family crisis meeting in your home and lay out all of your concerns and repent with your family, and seek to change the status-Quo.
God will help you.

Scripture teaches that Judgement first happens in the House of God, and that is already happening and has been going on for years. Our deficiencies and sins and shame has already spilled out into this lost world, and as a result the world is spilling back into what is still left of the faithful Church, and that is exactly what we are seeing.

It is not the bad Churches in trouble anymore, as they have been sidelined a long time ago. It is the small and semi-faithful Churches scattered here and there that are now floundering.

What is next if we continue as we are?
You do not want to know.

End of Part 2



Kirby L. Wallace said...

Holy Cow, man! You are aware, aren't you, that these are ACTORS READING FROM A SCRIPT that was given to them by a Hollywood television producer, right?

What's next? Pulp Fiction is a "reality" documentary on American Culture?

From what I know of you, I simply will not believe (because I cannot believe), that you cannot tell FICTION from reality!

That depiction may be about as accurate a depiction as OZ was of the Federal Prison system. (Hint. It's not!)

Dude... that was a totally bizarre post.

Mark Farnon (Tartanarmy) said...

Well, maybe that is why I am calling these posts a momentary lapse of reason.
Just testing the waters to see where people are at.

I thought I had made it clear enough by quoting some sources as to how this whole story came about.

Pulp fiction is the product of a man brought up on the same diet as the soldiers portrayed in this show btw.

I think you have not even come close to getting the gist of the post Kirby.

Have you seen the show? Do you know what the basis for the dialog was actually directly based upon?

The difference between reality and fiction is a line becoming more and more blurred as far as I am concerned.

Maybe I see some things in a different light to you, but I am hopeful that most soldiers are not like that, but in having said that, I am reminded of scandals here in Australia regarding a reality show called "Big Brother" which eventually ended up being banned. The behavior found amongst the people in the "artificial" house was a real eye opener and gave a pretty accurate cultural analysis as to the moral compass of today's youth.

Also, I am just the messenger, taking the writers of the show at their word, so if you feel inclined to disagree with them, feel free to let them know just how inaccurate they are, even though some of them were actually there during this so called invasion of Iraq.


kirby said...

Also, I am just the messenger, taking the writers of the show at their word, so if you feel inclined to disagree with them, feel free to let them know just how inaccurate they are, even though some of them were actually there during this so called invasion of Iraq.

You need to hear from some of the other men who were also there with Evan Wright. There's been a LOT of "dramatic liberty" taken with the facts.

Once thing I'd say is probably accurate, though is the language. Foul language is hardly shocking coming from people in their position.

I was a Weapons Controller (ie, military Air Traffic Controller). So called, because in an act of supreme understatement, the USAF considers an F15 to be a "weapon."

The totem pole goes like this: USAF, then USN, then Army, then Marines. And usually intelligence goes in that order too, although USAF and Navy are pretty close.

There are people in the Marines because they couldn't pass the tests to get into the Army. And so on, up the chain.

There are guys in the Marines who are literally to dumb to do any other work. Their officer corp is top notch, and those who are smart and hard working can and do move up the chain, just like any other service.

No quarrel with you over the mentality of these kids, though. You needn't go to war to see it. The culture is becoming largely gladitorial in nature, and males in this country are being transitioned not from boys to men, but from boys in boys bodies, to boys in men's bodies.

As they plod forward on this course, they are, as Jude (?) called them "Mere brute animals..."

Funny, but that's how a lot of C.S. Lewis stories ended (That Hideous Strength for example)

But, this is hardly limited to American Culture. This is the culture of ANY people who have become comfortable, complacent and lazy. If I'm not mistaken, AC/DC were a bunch of Aussies! ;-)

kirby said...

BTW - a liberal press reporter, writing for the Rolling Stone, and buddying up with Michael Moore, providing him material to use in his own stupid movies......

How much should you trust this guy's clip-n-cut-n-edit journalism?

Ya know? That Bible says that God hates Jesus Christ, and that Jesus Christ murdered John the Baptist and blamed it on Herod. That is, if you allow a little "leniency" with the editing rules.

Rolling Stone... Michael Moore... dude....

Mark Farnon (Tartanarmy) said...

Thanks for your comments Kirby, and I am also pleased that you got my point even a wee bit?

I understand that liberty is taken for the sake of drama and all that, but the point is, as I stated, if even 30% of this stuff is anywhere near accurate, that is enough.

I have no bone of contention regarding Australia or as I have also stated, "The West itself" which brings no comfort to me.

AC/DC, which I actually saw in concert back in the 80's, were stolen by Australia (a common ploy by Australians to steal talent from overseas, think Mel Gibson born in US and Russel Crowe born in New Zealand etc) BUT, AC/DC are more Scottish than anything else.


Kirby said...

BUT, AC/DC are more Scottish than anything else.

Really? Wow. I always thought they were a bunch of flaming Aussies! I thought Crocodile Dundee sang backup vocals for them on tour! ;-)

Mark Farnon (Tartanarmy) said...

Croc Dundee eh, now there is an Aussie who is much more like an American! lol


Kirby said...

Didn't the real Croc Dundee die in a shootout with police? I thought I remember reading that somewhere. But can't remember where. It was a news story years ago.

Mark Farnon (Tartanarmy) said...

Indeed he did. He shot a cop and another cop shot back and killed him. His name was Rodney Ansell.