Monday, August 03, 2009

A Momentary lapse of Reason...."Oh the absolute shame!" Part 1

A Momentary lapse of Reason...."Oh the absolute shame!" Part 1

I am starting a new topic or subject thread, the title of which is actually based upon the lyrics of the Rock Band Pink Floyd, whom I appreciate on certain levels for their music, lyrics and Non Conformity.

This topic shall be kind of raw, hard hitting and a departure from my normal, and sometimes formal and Reformed discussion matter.

This new thread and direction, shall be based upon an array of subjects that affect me in one way or another, and this particular post is all about a Television type documentary/series that I recently viewed, and in so doing I was moved to write this post.

Now, first of all, I hardly watch television at all, maybe 1-3 hours per week on average. Not that I would not watch more, but rather, the choice available is just too unappealing to me personally, and even the documentaries these days are not inviting enough for me to watch, as they seem to be based far more upon entertainment rather than education.

Now, I have to give a warning before I continue.

If you just happen to be, at least on a political level, a red blooded dyed in the wool patriotic American, who more than likely leans right of center, and respects Fox News as truly fair and balanced, supports Big Government, Apple pie and Disneyland, then you might want to stop reading and go back to what you were doing, otherwise you may be really offended as to what I may say.

And, if you have a weak stomach and or look the other way kind of disposition to things of this fallen world, or you are offended and shocked at the analysis of downright human depravity, then please tune out and maybe click here for your own personal good and escape from reality as we know it here on Planet Earth in the year of our Lord 2009...

But, if you have the stamina and disposition to hear me out, then stay on board for what I have to say.

End of Part 1, as I am tired and have a headache!
Part 2 soon...



Ruby said...

I read Lapse of Reason 1 & 2 and the comments by you and Kirby. I am obviously in Lala land and it is all too much for me so I took the Disney escape route. Thanks!

Mark Farnon (Tartanarmy) said...

Glad to be of service, that is what the link is there for!