Saturday, July 18, 2009

What we are losing if not already lost...

Being a British Subject and concerned about the future, I just had to put this video up.
Followed by another serious video depicting the new cultural changes we have to look forward to.

Below is a retraction I read from someone else who had posted the above video on their site.
I also affirm that the stats are wrong in the video and apologize for not researching the statistics that were presented in this video put on You Tube...


A Retraction

Earlier today I posted a youtube video here which projected the rise of Islam across the world, especially in Europe. In researching the matter further, I have determined that much of the content of the video cannot be verified, or worse, actually contained false statements. I really should have done much more research before posting the video and therefore wish to sincerely apologize to our readers for not doing so. I have removed the initial post without even a moment's hesitation as I do not wish to perpetuate falsehood of any kind. Here's an article from the BBC which outlines some of the errors. The internet is a great tool of communication but not always that of a factual nature. Lesson learned - hopefully. - JS


Kirby said...

I was born and raised in England. Moved to the states in 1978. Got out just in time by the looks of things. My mon went back in the late 80's and said she hardly recognized the place anymore.

Today, it's been overrun by Sihks, Muslims, and Eastern Europeans who've flooded into the country because of the EU's demolishing of the borders. Basically, if you are some lazy slob in Bosnia, and you wanna hit the dole in England, hey... just hop a ferry and plop yourself down on some cozy street corner until the commission gives you a home.


I'm of the opinion that - as is much the same now in America - the culture has been so badly downgraded that it cannot be reaffirmed without a violent outcome. That may sound extremist... but that was one of the bullet items on the list of things to do when destroying a culture. Make sure dissent is regarded as "hate crime" and "militant extremism."

But it was good while it lasted. Our children will never know it.

Mark Farnon (Tartanarmy) said...

Indeed..One thing really angering me right at this moment, is that my Mother in law, who is Irish but has lived most of her life in Scotland, has to jump through hoops to get a visa to come here to Australia to visit her children.

It is maddening because so many other Non Australians can come here so easily and yet this country is a British Commonwealth, and British people themselves cannot get here very easily.

On a few occasions including right now, I have had to send all kinds of written assurances just so my family can come here to visit us.

In that Video, the statement by Qaddafi, makes all the sense in the world to me, and if we do not experience the changes coming, our children most certainly will.

Then again, the changes are coming around very fast.

Australia, just in the last few weeks, has announced that some of the major banks are issuing loans specifically for Muslims, that are in accordance with sharia law.

see following link,28323,25632782-14327,00.html

Mark Farnon (Tartanarmy) said...

And then there is this. Our culture has no idea because our culture is not a culture anymore.

We shall reap what we sow.