Monday, July 20, 2009

Ponter vs John Owen...and Dr White!

David Ponter, once stated that John Owen's work, "The Death of death in the death Of Christ" was only good for lining the bird cage with!

John Owen wrote that work early in his life and it is a classic, but some 25 years later he wrote a 8 volume set on the Book of Hebrews..
Maybe Ponter could review that work? Byrne too maybe?

Listen to Dr Allen spout the exact words of Ponter and Byrne in this video!
(Please remember that Byrne provided his notes to Allen for this speech)

Do you think Ponter and Byrne would correct the Arminian Allen for even daring to use these Amyraldian arguments, which go against the very Arminian views itself?

Don't hold your breath.

If Ponter and Byrne had a concern for consistency, they would at the very least correct these Arminain's for their so called "substitutionary views" of the atonement.
But as long as the Arminian is willing to borrow the views of Byrne, they do not care one whit for the inconsistency of these Arminians. Views, Ponter and Byrne are not ignorant of btw.

Anyway, real substitutionary atonement, Christ's Intercession, High Priestly role, Double payment argument, Limited Atonement, John Calvin, Hebrews, Anachronism, Perfection of God's wrath, Union with Christ, etc etc is discussed in this video by Dr White...


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