Friday, July 17, 2009

Monica Dennington...A response

A few days ago I put up a video from this woman found here.
Brother Lane has put up a good response to that video below.

Btw, I didn't know Lane wasn't a Calvinist.
Also, Kirby has been working on a response found at his blog.



Nathan W. Bingham said...

Lane Chaplin not a Calvinist? If that's true, then I didn't know. You sure he's not referring to Chris Rosebrough who is the voice in the video? He is a Lutheran and therefore not a Calvinist.

Mark Farnon (Tartanarmy) said...

I am confused Nathan, maybe you are right..Perhaps Daniel will shed some light?


PuritanReformed said...


The video came from Chris Rosebrough 'Fighting for the Faith' podcast, and Lane is just posting the relevant section onto Youtube as a response to Dennington. So the non-Calvinist is Rosebrough, who as a Lutheran is not a Calvinist.

Anonymous said...

Lane isn't the one talking. Chris Rosebrough is, who is a Lutheran himself. He agrees about 95% with Calvinists.

Mark Farnon (Tartanarmy) said...

Thank you Daniel...

Mark Farnon (Tartanarmy) said...

and SwampIrish...Welcome btw!