Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Man, what is this woman on about!

I tried to listen to this person and got about half way through it. Seems she is quite popular online, and has been the cause of some kind of "You Tube" war between believers.

The funny thing is this. Her "theology" is rank Arminianism. Apart from the biblical fact that women should not be doing what she is doing, and hence she is in clear rebellion to God's Word, this woman is actually herself following the man Jacobus Arminius!
How strange is that, in view of her sermon against Calvinists?

This is what happens when unqualified persons attempt to do exegesis and teach scripture when they have no business doing so.

The very passage she cites to bash over the heads of Calvinists is easily turned back upon herself! Is she even remotely aware of that? I don't think so.

But, she is abusing the text entirely and that is the saddest part for me.


Kirby L. Wallace said...

This is precisely why women are forbidden to teach. But I gotta b honest, there are as many men who are equally clueless. I think I might do this one on my blog. It'll take a while, though. This one is half an hour of rambling...

PuritanReformed said...

WOW! I think she should just obey 1 Tim. 2:12 first.

Kirby L. Wallace said...

As I mentioned in my previous comment, I'm going to address this one on my blog. It's a LONG process! There's just so much to wade through.

I decided that I'm going to turn it loose as a work in progress and update it as I am able. Comments on the work so far are welcome.

Anonymous said...

trouble is really, Calvinists pride themselves on their intellectual knowledge. Having a woman who is right about what you are doing, must sting, alot! The reason women were told to keep silent in the church is because they are chatterboxes not because they sinned or were stupid, they would hold up the meetings or get sidetracked. A woman can be a pastor if there are no ruling men around, its a loophole, when she congregates with other pastors as other pastors are to do, she takes the lower, humble seat. If she gives up her ministry to a man then she can no longer pastor but must let the man rule... Monica is right your many factions and worry about what this scripture and that means is of the devil. You should drop calvanism and get back to the basics in CHRIST JESUS. God is not going to worry about how u interpreted the garden of eden he just wants to know how much u love him.
god bless