Thursday, July 16, 2009

A friendly reminder for the Ponterites...

Some of you may have missed the following video response from Dr James White, which I posted at the end of last year.

I think I may refer to this post as my last word addressing this subject, and may just point any opposition to my views to this video and also what I wrote here back in 2004.

(I am still open to discuss the matter rationally here on my blog if anyone desires a discussion though!)

I have been engaging this subject with both Ponter and Byrne since way back in 2003/04.
I first got involved with Mr Ponter after he appeared on Gene Cook Jnr's "The Narrow Mind" which can be downloaded here.

At that time I could not find any refutation of his atonement views, or I might have simply directed others to such information. It seems that around 2006 his views were being well and truly refuted, but I was interacting with him two years earlier and the silence of support for my views were deafening.

However, if you remain faithful to what Scripture teaches, and be patient, others may eventually come alongside you and lend a hand in opposing error.

You live and learn I guess, but I do not regret having the opportunity to defend my position even though the whole experience has been taxing and unpleasant.


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PuritanReformed said...

Well, let's hope that enough resources are now present to refute the claims of the Ponterites. =)