Saturday, June 20, 2009

Romans 9 truly examined.....

Here are four videos from the very popular Arminian perspective. They are interesting if nothing else.

After them is an audio exposition from James White, which truly pulls apart what is taught in these videos.

Take your time and please examine the CONTEXT so misrepresented in Arminianism.

And please note that James indeed goes to the context and does NOT merely start in Romans 9 verse 6 as these videos do, apparently from a Calvinist reading!

In fact, White goes back to the previous chapters before exegeting Romans 9!
I personally feel sorry for those students in these videos and hope they may give both sides a true hearing from the actual text of scripture and not some man's ideas or philosophical speculations about Nations and National privileges.

Now, please listen to true exegesis of Romans 9......Click here to listen

Or simply listen below.

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