Friday, June 26, 2009

David, KJV Only, Arminianism and Arrogance thrown in for free.

Calvinism..A false theology that may damn your soul to hell!

Well, so says this ignorant and mocking young Arminian. My oh my! How sad.

Arminians, or those who believe in autonomous free will, mans choices and this humorous arrogant young guy, let me say this. If you truly understand this issue you shall be on your way to becoming a Calvinist and or Biblical Christian in the true sense of the word. (Yes, understanding that thing called the Bible that so many like to say they are believing and reading)

"Adam contemplated Eve and she bore a son....I don't think so!!!!!"

Foreknowledge...Persons NOT Actions!

And yes, a zeal that does not lead to knowledge, and a zeal of tradition which may lead to Atheism if not checked and kept according to truth. It happens.



Kirby L. Wallace said...

That was kinda rambling... Where's the "KJV Only" bit? ;-)

Mark Farnon (Tartanarmy) said...

Rambling?..What do you mean? The young man is KJV Only....The big point of the video is just how Non Calvinists misinterpret "Foreknowledge" in Scripture. Then there is this kind of arrogance out there among even younger Christians in their defense of the traditions they have bought into to. It is stunning to behold and needs to be exposed for the false teaching it represents.....Mark

Highway dog said...

Hi Mark!
I was hoping to hear your own words, your own video. You are so clear headed. I wonder if a person might find your conversation of the Biblical facts might be just as good as Dr White. You certainly write well!
(Some people think the accent is an asset!)

Mark Farnon (Tartanarmy) said...

Thanks for the comments it is appreciated. I have been playing with the idea of putting up my own videos if I get the right equipment.
As far as being as clear as Dr White, that I am not sure about at all Rob.

Kirby L. Wallace said...

Rambling?..What do you mean? The young man is KJV Only....

That's what I mean. That was the missing bit of info. The guy you are talking about is KJV Only. You didn't mention that bit except in the title. (Unless I messed something...)

Thanks for clearing it up.

And, as you know, the KJV is the only real word of God. Just so you know! ;-)

Anonymous said...

You have audio? :-)

Kirby L. Wallace said...

I just watched the video. it all makes sense now. You are talking about the material in the video. Duh! I shoulda figured that out sooner. Sorry.

I generally don't watch videos. So it looked like your article was a smorgasbord of three independent comments. One addressed, but without going into any detail. But the video was the point. Sorry about that. Like I said, I rarely watch videos since I prefer to read.

Mark Farnon (Tartanarmy) said...

The video above at 9mins 10 secs tells you that the young man is KJV Only.......Good ol King James, the version Moses used!


Mark Farnon (Tartanarmy) said...

Audio, what do you mean?