Saturday, June 06, 2009

Blah Blah Blah....A new movement!

I am so fed up with all the rhetoric, spin and lying.

I want to start a movement.

I want all true Christians to be given a country, let's say Australia, cause it means I do not have to move, and we can govern ourselves and we can feed ourselves and stuff. We have heaps of Cows and sheep and chickens and pigs and grass and land and fish and all kinds of stuff over here.

We could easily be self sufficient and have a minimalist Government with very little power and or authority.

We set up each individual household to be it's own authority via the "head" of said household, who are themselves under the authority of Godly men in local community who are themselves under the authority of Godly men and so on.

In that culture, we put Backsliders in Christian Prison or under house arrest until they have come to their senses, but we ship Apostates outside the gates and deliver them to the "World" who would no doubt embrace them with open arms.

Apostates who are later converted can apply to come back with full acceptance given etc.
I am working more on this idea, so will keep you all posted.
A lot to think about!

BUT, we will set up a huge website for the purpose of evangelism, and when conversions happen, New believers can apply for citezenship, and you will be issued a "gold card"(one which has these really neat Christian holograms and stuff built into it, to deter forgery etc) which gives you the choice to move to Australia if you wish, but if you choose to live in the "world" it is your free will choice to do so, but you will not have any support from Australia, cept prayer support!

We could even consider allowing unbelievers in as tourists, but only for the purposes of evangelism. They would be "billeted" into Christian families etc, which would help keep down their holiday costs, and if any of them are converted whilst being a tourist, they could be issued with a temporary "gold card", maybe a "silver card" which can be later upgraded at any one of our "Know them by their fruits a.k.a KTBTF stations"...hmmm, need to think some more as my head is starting to hurt....

To be continued



PuritanReformed said...


that sounds great. Too bad too many Austalians would object (the unregenerate ones)

Mark Farnon (Tartanarmy) said...

Yeah, that could be a wee problem!