Saturday, May 09, 2009

Timely piece of writing...


Just read a very good post over at Aomin from Alan Kurschner (click above link), and it again reminded me of the state of modern Christianity and modern culture in general.

I have written a few times in the past, upon the false idea regarding the common assertion popular today that we can separate the heart and the mind, and this post above reminded me again of such shallow thinking.
Although this post is addressing the notion of emotionalism and piety which seems so popular today in Christianity, such is again a false dichotomy, with the idea of separating such things from disciplined reliance and serious study of Scripture, in other words, pitting the "Spirit" and the "Word" in some kind of opposition to one another, which is of course utterly false.

I am thankful for such comments as those posted above by Alan over at Aomin. They are the kinds of statements that keep me sane!



Kirby L. Wallace said...

It seems we think alike on more than one subject! ;-)

It's long. Skip down to the section "Georgia on their minds..."

Kirby L. Wallace said...

And forgive me if I seem like I'm spamming your blog with shameful self-promotion. It's just refreshing to find others who are willing to speak plainly about what's really on their hearts (or minds, if you prefer! heh ;-).