Friday, April 10, 2009

Panel on the Emerging Church

I watched this panel so that you do not have to!
Just kidding!
Give it a listen if you have any interest in the subject of the Emergent Church stuff.

And if I hear the the phrase "having a conversation" one more time this week, I shall think about becoming a mute in protest, maybe for the rest of my natural life!

Apart from Pastor Kevin DeYoung and the two young twins, the entire presentation was just frustrating.
Apparently, this thing called the Emergent Church is just indefinable, and most of the presentation was these emergent's (Tony Jones and Scot McNight) represented on the panel, throwing out bucket loads of obfuscation and offense, so that a real "conversation" was never going to happen!

A statement from Jones about one third of the way through about sums up Emergent thought.

"I think it's an extraordinarily naive statement theologically to say there's some plain sense of Scripture."

If you take the Bible seriously, those words will seriously disturb you.

Another choice statement comes from McKnight, when he says,

"If you want to describe a movement, you have to describe it to their satisfaction."
What utter nonsense. No, you have to describe it accurately. The JW's will never admit to being Arian. Nonetheless, describing them as Arian is perfectly legit, because it's true and accurate.

Describing the emergent movement accurately is what matters, whether they admit it or not.

During the closing statements were the best moments, especially from Pastor Kevin, as he touches upon the confidence and clear presentation of truth which we have in Scripture, and even though the two emergent's here seem to have the right terminology and a veneer of this thing called Orthodoxy, one suspects that beneath the surface and if given enough time to discuss and challenge their real views, would reveal a rather foul smelling aroma of teaching, but fortunately, we did not get that far in this presentation.

For a good blog post about Postmodernism and the Emergent Church, including McKnight, go the the following link, from Phil Johnson, a man who knows his stuff on anything emergent.


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