Monday, June 01, 2009

New calvinism---Narrow mind style!

This is a comment that has been on "draft" mode for weeks, and now I have decided to post it after trying to get some comments from certain persons to no effect, so, what I have written I have written. I write it for truths sake and not controversy.........Mark


I do not know what to say, but say it I shall.

The man I have respected, admired and defended, is on course to a form of (Neo)-Calvinism well and truly. (And I am yet to study their "Two Kingdoms" stuff, which seems suspect.)

I dare him to call me up and discuss the issues. He has my number.(Although, given my recent and past treatment I am not confident of a fair hearing)

I just listened to the first few minutes of his latest Podcast, and was surprised at what I heard.
I was even more surprised by his Co-Host Jonathon Goundry, who I feel is led astray by Gene for sure...Sorry Jonathon, but it just seems that is what is taking place.

Some of their comments follow,

"Don't worry if you do not have the perfect Apologetic, but out there, it exists in the mind of God, so do not worry if your apologetic is not perfect"...Jonathon Goundry.

This is the very essence of modern day Van Tillian apologetic substance. It is the kind of attitude that otherwise UNDERMINES a consistent yet Biblical apologetic, but makes excuse and allows for paradox, inconsistency and confusion.

If we are not sure how scripture itself and the Apostolic witness goes about apologetics, then just shut up and stay quiet. Do not get involved in this serious endeavor is my advice.

Then there was this comment by Jonathon.."Just be faithful" blah blah blah.
Faithful to what exactly? He does not say!

I know these comments will anger many people, but I do not care.
Enough is enough already!

Then these comments from the caller Matt regarding a special show for the Narrow mind 500 episodes, and he suggests a show with James White!
Let me just say this. Matt, you are a good man, but please listen to me carefully.

The Narrow mind and James White are not on the same page sadly. James will defend and exegete the truth of the gospel, but sadly the Narrow Mind has in recent times forsaken this path.
I tell you this so that you will not ring there again hoping for some kind of open enthusiasm for that particular goal. They may use his old comments as part of plugging the show, but these guys are nowhere near Dr White when it comes to the gospel and related subjects.

Then these comments from Gene's sidekick Jonathon, (and he well and truly knows what he is doing here), but before that, I must mention that Jonathon takes the opportunity to express his opinion that no one better than James White defends the Doctrines of Grace, and for that I say AMEN.....

Now Genes comments following that,

"If Arminians understood Calvinism and stopped misrepresenting it, they themselves would be Calvinists!!!"
and then he says,

"I surprise the Arminian when I say that God loves the Non Elect, and there is a sense in which he desires the salvation of the Non Elect"

Then Jonathon interjects with the thought that Arminians are then confused by that, and Gene makes the comment that he may "have opened a can of worms" and Jonathon laughs!...

Then Jonathon goes on to say that "God in a sense wants everyone to be saved", and agrees with Gene, and then quotes applicable scriptures toward that end!

No exegesis of said Scriptures is offered, but one is left that the Arminian interpretation is accepted as valid, and that is simply reprehensible from my understanding of Calvinism.

Then, Johnathon decides to go back to a previous show and mention one Tony Byrne as a person to be "balanced upon the subject".
I nearly fell off my chair!!!

He is balanced upon "Calvinism and the Doctrines of Grace" according to Goundry!
Ok, enough is enough.

I can no longer in good faith recommend anyone listen to these guys, especially their views upon the atonement and particularly the reformed doctrine of Particular redemption in all of its clarity and offense to the natural man.

My, how Gene has changed from his earlier days!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Goundry! What a disappointment he is turning out to be!

He then says that in our "witnessing" to Arminians, this is the "most balanced approach!"

My question is simple. Why would we need to "witness" to these types of Arminians "with this balanced Tony Byrne approach as he puts it?"

Are they not Christians?

I thought that witnessing was something we did to "unbelievers"?

Welcome to to modern confused Calvinism and it's inherent irrationality and compromise..........................

After those comments I turned off the podcast, something I have never ever done before.

But no one can say I did not predict this kind of thing from these guys. I just did not think it would be said so openly and so quickly in light of recent controversy regarding Byrne and so called Calvinism.

I am sad by all of this.

Gene, you have my no..ring me if you want to discuss.....


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