Monday, March 09, 2009

These side messages....

Please let me know by comment if you have ever listened to my audio message links to the right, OR any of the audio sermons I have put up on this blog....I am just wondering.....Thanks


Update 20th March 09...BTW, thanks for all of the comments!!!!!!


Ruby said...

Hi Tartan!
It is ages since I've checked in on your blog. Sorry! Sad to say I have not listened but hope to get back soon at a better hour of day and do so.
I just saw your "thanks for the comments" edit and thought I would make your day :o)
P.S. Nice template.

Tartanarmy said...

You have made my day! Great to hear from you Ruby...Lord Bless


Ruby said...

I listened to about 30 mins of the John McArthur message. Good, clear, concise. wish I could get my arminian friends to listen to such. A good reminder to me too of the grace of God in saving me, a wretched sinner.
Is there any way you could put how long each one is going to be? This might help potential listeners to be prepared. I know I usually only have small increments of time for the net and this might be helpful.
Like today, I have to run off before the end.
When I said I like your template it was because I am using the same one - minus the dandruff!!
Actually the snow affect is cool :o)

Tartanarmy said...

Yeah, sometimes I am mindful as to the length of some of these messages, so I say nothing in case it puts people off!!

Actually, originally it was snow flakes, but I now consider them to be crumbs in keeping with the blog name!! Post Xmas and all that.


Kirby L. Wallace said...

You do know, don't you, that your "crumbs" burn up about 25% of my CPU cycles, just to keep em going. Hit ctrl-alt-del and pull up "performance monitor" and see it on your computer.

So, constantly running at 25% cpu, my cooling fan has to keep coming on, which in turns burns more electricity and contributes to global warming.

I think I'd be willing to enter into a "cap-n-trade" agreement with you. How's $80 sound? Cut me a check!



Mark Farnon (Tartanarmy) said...

Interesting..I checked and you are right.

I need to look into this, but have you listened to anything as the thread title suggests?

Global warming? What's that?

In the civilized world, we call it a cheque. A "check" on the other hand is either a task to validate something or a person who is a resident/citizen of the Czech Republic.