Monday, March 30, 2009

Rich Agozino on the Narrow Mind!

Interesting show...I can see that Rich is on the right track. Making disciples of people is the Biblical way to go.

I think Gene being Baptistic and quasi Dispensational in certain Covenantal elements of his Theology (Credo/two kingdom), only sees believers as strictly being regenerate disciples only and not merely those followers in Covenant, both regenerate and unregenerate.

A wee excursion below regarding Disciples!

(Think---How on earth can we tell children whom we consider unregenerate to obey their parents "in the Lord"?----How can I raise my children "in the discipline and instruction of the Lord" (Eph 6.4) if they are not disciples of the Lord?----But then what reason should I give to my toddler that he should obey his daddy? Do I tell him that Jesus says that he must obey me, "in the Lord"? But that would presuppose that he is a follower of Jesus, something I must not believe until he prays for conversion.)

With a narrow view of disciples, and this historically amended two kingdom model on display, everything becomes black and white apparently.

Rich rightly expounds the "as we are passing through this world/loving our neighbors" mentality which I think Gene does not seem to quite grasp.

Then, I nearly fell of my chair when Rich announced he works as a loans agent, right after his impassioned speech about the evils of debt! That was funny.

I hope you will have Rich on some more as he has good points to make and seems brutally honest, and I like that.

And I must say how proud I was at the way Gene graciously handles some of the needling from Rich. If it were me saying those things, I would not like to see how that would pan out, right Gene?


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