Thursday, March 05, 2009

How to shoot down Ehrman and Liberals!

Bart Ehrman is pushing his new anti-Christian book, Jesus, Interrupted. In an Amazon video he claims the contrast between Mark and Luke is relevant to his case concerning contradiction and discrepancy. Is it?


a helmet said...

Please publish your own, original material and thoughts instead of posting second-hand material!

Write YOUR blog!

Tartanarmy said...

Another nice introduction at my front door! I know Europe is on the lower scale as far as morality is concerned, but have you no manners left?

Excuse me. This is my blog, and it contains a lot of my writings but not exclusively.
I link to videos, other sites/articles as well.

I looked at your blog against Calvinism and must say it is some of the most confused illogical writing I have encountered on the subject.

Maybe stick to your other interests! But when I noticed all of your numbered points, I saw how mathematics is one of your interests.

But your writing simply does not add up.


Kirby L. Wallace said...

In a response I wrote to the "Rati0nal Resp0nders", I took a LONG foray into all sorts of topics - mostly just poking fun at them because I do not think they are worth a serious thought and certainly are not worth a "debate".

Anyway, it fits here, so let me post it. It is in reply to a "There ain't no Jesus. He never existed" argument.

How about another (really good) example:

There's some doubt cast on the existence of James as an Apostle of Jesus Christ, and as the Brother of Jesus Christ, and upon the details of his death:

James ... NEVER acknowledged Jesus as his "brother". Jesus NEVER acknowledged James as his "brother". ...

I've never told anyone in my writings that Jon is my brother. None of my friends have ever written in their blogs that Jon is my brother. Therefore, Jon is not my brother, and in fact does not even exist.

Wazzat? Come again?

Then there's a long dialogue about three letters about James' death. I'll summarize this one for you - it's long.

One witness says he was thrown off a roof.

Another says he was thrown off a roof then stoned.

Another witness says he was thrown off a roof then stoned, and beaten with a club.

The "logic" here (believe it or not) is that because the three witnesses did not write down the same details, NONE of their statements are true, NONE of the events actually occured, everybody is lying, and therefore....... a witch?

No, therefore, James does not exist.

Wow. I'm impressed.

A Kind of Monty Python examination of the facts:

"That one burned down, fell over then sank into the swamp... but the fourth one... "

Ultimately, it boils down to this:

Tom, Dick and Harry are discussing their good friend Frank.

- Tom says Frank has brown hair.
- Dick says Frank has green eyes.
- Harry says Frank is tall.

Therefore they are all lying and Frank doesn't exist.

Mark Farnon (Tartanarmy) said...

I like your humor!