Saturday, February 28, 2009

That old time religion is the truth!

Here are two videos by the ever faithful Henry Mahan.


Lisa said...

I am an Australian. Your racist remarks against the Chinese and sexist behaviour should not be tolerated in this country!!

I am sure you don't have the guts to publish this!!

Tartanarmy said...

It is people like you (the thought Police) I have little time for and have no problem exposing your evil politically correct nonsense.

You are obviously a product of the times. The dumbing down of the culture.

It is sad that people like you have become brainwashed. Try and think outside the box, challenge your teachers and study history.

Whilst you hurl your false allegations at people like me, the real racists laugh at you.

And a word of advice. You talk about tolerance, and yet it is people like you who are the most intolerant of all. Funny that.


PuritanReformed said...

Oh, the Neo-Orthodox fascist Inquisition has started, it seems. I am sure they can find a racist remark anywhere. Nevermind the fact that Mark is defending me, Daniel, who is a Chinese. Facts don't matter to the AT's fascist fans.

Also, I wonder if "Lisa", "Mr Lee" etc are all actually AT in disguise. After all, AT has been lying and slandering me all this while, and it is so easy to comment under so many different names.

Mark, perhaps it would be better just to delete all their comments and don't fall for their bravado. When they are entertained, AT will immediately create a new post attacking you as he had done to me.

Jim and Ronda said...

Hi Mark,

Pastor Mahan is one of our favorite teachers, and we are the proud owners of dozens and dozens of his sermons (on cassette tapes!)from years ago. We also had the pleasure of meeting him a long time back at a retreat. Wonderful, sincere, Christian man.

It has been a while since we have corresponded with him, and had begun to wonder about him and whether he was still preaching, and then, at just that time, we found your blog and saw your link to his site. We were overjoyed to find he is well and still bringing glory to the name of God.

Thank you for putting up the videos.

Jim and Ronda

Tartanarmy said...

I love Henry.

The Lord has used his messages to me and many others through the years.
He preached at my old Church years ago and my best friend was converted through his preaching. My friend then was used of the Lord in my own conversion and then my wife, brother, mum and then dad.

I have listened to literally hundreds of his sermons.

He is now retired and he recently sold up and moved closer to his son Paul, who also is a Pastor.
Henry still preaches though, and the Lord has been faithful to this man's ministry and continues to bless many.

Glad to hear you appreciate him.