Saturday, February 28, 2009

Is Sean Penn a Profit, er Prophet?

During his acceptance speech at this years "Academy Awards", an industry that self glorifies itself about this time every year, unlike other professions, who tend to get on with doing their jobs as silent achievers.

Anyway, he spoke to the issue of the beating down of the same sex marriage bill that was voted down in California.
He stated that the shame of such an act shall be a blight upon our Grandchildren.

He is saying that Christianity as we know it, shall one day become an embarrassment in the culture.

Of course, the reality of what he is advocating, is entirely correct.
Yes, Christianity has become an embarrassment in the culture.

Of course, before the throne of God, there is no shame at all, but before the world, if we oppose same sex marriage, we shall be on the outer for sure.
This mood and world-view, strangely represented by a mixed up person like Penn, shall more and more become the norm in this deteriorating culture.

The shame in the end shall be with all of those who follow Penn and the modern culture, for in the end, God will not be mocked.

These are rapidly changing and challenging times.

What are you dear Christian going to do, when the popular culture totally ignores you for opposing homosexual same sex marriage etc, and even decide to threaten your place even as a fit parent or member of society? They have already deemed that your children and grandchildren shall be shamed by you. You are supporting the indefensible, out of step with the times and you are like the old racists etc.

Will you count the cost?

Now forget Sean Penn for a moment, as he is a hypocrite and one messed up poster boy for the left, but he believes history is going his way, and it most certainly is I believe.

His attitude flows freely in the Hollywood sect, but it also is flowing freely right around the corner, in your next door neighbor and even in your own family and Church.

Interesting times.

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