Thursday, January 15, 2009

Onward and downward....

Some may remember Steve Gregg, who debated James White over 5 days last year on the issue of Calvinism.
Some may be aware of his flirting with Open theism and other such teachings, but not many of you will remember me talking briefly about him showing respect and tolerance for Universalism/Annihilationism and other deviant teachings at his forums.
Well, as the thread title above says, "Onward and downward" seems to be the direction he is on.

Regarding the subject of eternal Hell, he has recently said,

"In re-reading these threads, (and also in my reading of half a dozen books by scholars espousing the traditional view) my desire to distance myself from the traditional view has increased."
(Steve Gregg)

Reformed people have known and said for a long time, that Arminianism when fully embraced logically and consistently should lead to liberalism.

In fact, Steve also made the following comment in the same article, and I quote,

* diversity of opinion
* less emphasis on the literal interpretation of Scripture
* an intimate, personal, and sometimes ambiguous view of God
* wider scope in their views on salvation (including universalist beliefs)
* non-traditional views on heaven and hell
* an emphasis on inclusive fellowship and community
* an embracing of higher criticism of the Bible.

Wow! I always considered myself an evangelical, and non-liberal, but six of the seven points describe me! I do not embrace the last one on the list, which is the only one that I would have used in a definition of "theological liberalism." If all of these things are a part of being a liberal, I am going to have to reassess whether I think "liberal" is as bad a thing as my Sunday School teachers told me it was."
(Steve Gregg)

Indeed Steve, indeed.



Anonymous said...

That is amazing. Thanks for posting this.

Tartanarmy said...

It is sad, but not really surprising.

If you listen to those who really love his teachings, you quickly realize, that what they love is his demeanor, his nice and open way of not really attacking anything, and his great ability to be supposedly unbiased and questioning everything etc.

He really does lean more to liberalism when you really listen to him and particularly what he does not say.

Sometimes you can measure a man by what they do not say, and he really is good at speaking a whole lot about nothing in particular.

Even in the debate series with Dr White, he only really questioned everything and then poured doubt upon every Calvinistic teaching.
He never offered anything in it's place, except to say "maybe" a lot!

He is a "maybe" and a "might mean this" kind of man..

In other words, a "closet" liberal in the making.
It will be interesting to see where he is in even 5 years time.