Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just before I go!

I came across a blog where a young boy is learning Greek!
Very encouraging...I think Dr White would be very proud!!



Leslie said...

Dear "Tartanarmy" (not sure what your actual name is):

I am answering the question you put on my blog: what did I say on pyromaniacs?

I will try to reconstruct it from memory as best I can. It was kind of long but here is the gist:

"Genesis 4:10 says that the innocent blood of Abel is crying to the ground and Psa. 106:38 says that the land was polluted by the innocent blood.

"Our land is polluted and the blood of millions upon millions of innocent babies is crying out to heaven. How can anyone compose any prayer to be prayed before our nation without acknowlegement of 'the elephant in the room?' It's preposterous."

[Someone had commented that Frame's prayer didn't actually ask a blessing on our nation so I quoted the part of his prayer where he asked that God protect our military and help us out of the financial crisis. So to this I said:]

"True, Frame didn't actually use the word bless, but what from the heart of God in the Old Testament towards nations of bloodshed and their bloody ruler (Obama) gives us confidence to ask for protection on our military and financial help?"

I was not trying to be disrespectful to Dr. Frame, and just for the record, I comment on blogs often and have never had a comment deleted before. I think that on pyromaniacs, Dan Phillips was not interested in subjecting his guest, Dr. Frame, to criticism. So, I'm not personally offended; it's his blog and he makes the rules.

My tone is always very direct and on issues of life, impassioned. It is sometimes hard for me to understand how a well-respected, Bible scholar such as Dr. Frame (we have several of his books, my husband has read them and has utmost respect for the man)can have such a blind spot when it comes to praying before the king of child slaughter. It's hard to keep silent and just nod my head and think, "okay, that's one perspective," without speaking out, especially when every other comment up until mine had been favorable. Sometimes I wonder, what is evangelicalism becoming when it's leader have such a practical ignorance of God's dealing with nation in the Old Testament.

Tartanarmy said...

Amen, I agree with you entirely.

Thanks for sharing. It is sad that our personal respect for Christian leaders warrants the deleting of comments REGARDING MATTERS that are so much more important in the grand scheme of things, truly sad.

The only thing I see on the horizon is "just" judgment from our Holy God regarding this moral decline in the western nations these past decades.