Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Conversation with an unbeliever.

I have been having a discussion on the "two wills" of God over at Jonathan Goundry's blog
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JandR said...

Hi Mark,

Interesting dialogue you had there.

We share your view that the teaching of "two wills" is faulty, and the reason we are set against it, is because we first heard this theory preached,many years ago, by an Arminian/Dispensationalist preacher.

We both said, "Whoa! This cannot be truth." God only has one purpose and one will. And that was before coming to and grasping Reformed Theology. (Of course, several incidents like this occurred during those days, which we now know was the Holy Spirit leading and transitioning us into the truths of TULIP.)

Now we are hearing this teaching from various Calvinists.

Which, of course, is spiritually dangerous, for it can lead to eventual denial of Limited Atonement; which leads to denial of Unconditional Election, etc.

Anyways, thank you for telling us about your site, and allowing us to participate.


Tartanarmy said...

You are more than welcome.
Notice how even this unbeliever I am talking to gets it!

Not that unbelievers know God's Word or anything, but some things are self evident so that even unbelievers can grasp them.

The root cause among so called Calvinists has more to do with embracing Van Til's irrationalism which came from the Dutch movement, which then nestled in nicely at Westminster and has been growing steadily ever since by those influenced by that movement.

Once you presuppose that at "no point" does God's knowledge and Man's knowledge meet (As Van Til taught), then do not be surprised when people can then embrace paradox and other contradictions.

These are the kinds of presuppositions that are brought to the text of Scripture, even whilst claiming to be involved in exegesis.