Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The New Downgrade controversy! Part 2

Here is the second part video which Dr White responds to, regarding Dr Allan and the "John 3:16" conference.
It is amazing to me that professing Calvinist's like David Ponter and Tony Byrne are providing information to the SBC, information which Dr Allan is clearly trying to use in attempting to refute Calvinism in general, and the nature of the Atonement in particular.

What is amazing, is that as far as I know, Ponter/Byrne do not subscribe to the synergism of these guys at the SBC, and yet knowing that, would allow them to use their arguments, to what end exactly?
Are they helping their synergist brothers in any meaningful way with these issues?
In what way are they helping Calvinism?
In what way is the whole issue of Limited atonement being represented?

These are the questions I have, and have never received any meaningful answers.

Dr White does a great job in responding to Dr Allen, and one can only hope, yet again, that further interaction, like a Public Debate may ensue sometime in 2009, in order to address these matters. Dr White is willing to debate, and I do hope something comes of it all.

But back to the atonement for the moment, for that is what all of this is about, whether it be the views of the Synergistic SBC leaders, or the quasi Ameraldian views of the Ponterites.
What is the atonement all about, as pertaining to the perfection of the work of Christ, as High Priest, as regarding Propitiation, intercession etc?

These are the issues folks, and methinks it to be a hill worth dying upon.
Think about the logical implications or ramifications to do with the views being put forth by Dr Allen and the Ponterites with their own mish mash atonement views.

I agree with Dr white, that these guys at the SBC are merely playing loose with the arguments and they are using analogies etc that do not represent the fullness of the biblical position, and hence they need to answer more fully these inconsistencies. They need to be challenged directly, rather than forever having a monologue on the subject.

Shame on the ponterites for arming these men with arguments that have no bearing whatsoever on their own synergistic systems.

In the past, I have seen the Ponterites apply these tactics in their quest to advance their own atonement views, even using Dr Whites debate with Arminian Steve Gregg for the very same reasons!

What you will not find these guys doing is correcting the Steve Gregg's and these SBC synergists. No way will you see that happening any time soon, and the reason why is simple. The Ponterites realise that the Arminians can be used as useful allies when it suits their narrow Ponterite ends!

Anyways, here is the video..Enjoy!

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