Friday, December 05, 2008

The man has no shame at all, and he may yet "Byrne" out!

This Tony Byrne has no shame whatsoever and I have seen enough!

Not only is the man on a single minded crusade to promote his false views regarding the atonement, but claiming to be a Calvinist, he is willing in his merry quest to try and separate brothers who are friends. (James White, Phil Johnson, Tom Ascol etc)

The man is unbalanced and I hope people near to him will call him out and maybe take the time to counsel him.

Enough is enough Mr Byrne, your zeal has caused you to stumble and fall into a ditch.
I know you do not even consider me a brother in Christ, but enough is enough.

Repent of your quest to major in the minors. You are a divisive man and need rebuking.

Maybe someone like Gene Cook will take you aside and in his straight and narrow way call you to repentance. Maybe you will listen to him, maybe not.

But enough of this narrow one string banjo playing crusade, it is no longer amusing and becoming quite disturbing actually.

I tried to log onto your web page, but am immediately diverted to another site, and I have no idea why this should happen except through some kind of divert from my web address when I log on. Very funny and thoroughly weak in my opinion.

I have read comments on your pages recently from supporters who are even daring to claim that the person who rang Unchained Radio and asked for me to come on and discuss the issues is apparently me!

What dishonesty is this you are allowing to be posted!

Whoever that person is, Jonathon from Gene's show knows him, and I for one would also like to know who that person is so I can contact them and thank them for wanting me to give some balance to all this nonsense spouted by yourself.

I have to laugh at your defending your "Hyper" Chart as being not just the work of Tony Byrne but the historical position of Calvinism, hence in some way distancing yourself from the chart, but when there is some confusion regarding the John 3:16 Conference as to what material is being used by the speakers, you immediately own up to the work, shouting out your own authorship of the work with not the slightest mention of history etc!

You are a dishonest person.

You make out how you are being mistreated and how the Arminians at SBC need to be shown the truth with gentleness and respect, and yet you use the most demeaning antics to cast dirt upon real Calvinists in your writings and online communications, you hypocrite!

I have had enough of your tactics and I hope others will start to deal with you properly and call for your repentance.

And what is the comment regarding me being an avid supporter of James White with the inclusion of the word "bazaar" highlighted, referring to me personally?

What is that all about my friend?

I have had enough of your personal attacks against me and a few others for over three years now.
Stop it please and wake up to yourself before you "Byrne" yourself out.

Jas 1:24 For he studied himself and went his way, and immediately he forgot what he was like.



PuritanReformed said...

I agree totally. Byrne has no shame. Even Ponter has not join the fray on this issue as far as I know.

PuritanReformed said...

I tried to leave a comment on Byrne's post calling for his repentance. The comment seem to have disappeared. =P

Tartanarmy said...

Yesterday, I kept getting diverted to some other site when trying to get on his blog, it was very frustrating, but today I seem to get through ok, so I don't know what that was all about!

Anyway, enough is enough.

He allowed a not so subtle comment suggesting that the person who sent an email to Jonathon at Unchained requesting I come on with Tony, was maybe me!

This is the sort of thing that used to happen to me when I was more active with Byrne and Ponter over at Unchained forums. The tactics of those guys were very coarse and below the belt.

I have seen it with others too, and yet this guy screams blue murder when anyone says anything negative about him!

He is now spinning this whole idea of trying to help the Arminians at the SBC, when all I see is him causing division.

He even tried this with Steve Gregg when he and Dr White were debating. He used certain comments in that debate to go after James, again on this one trick pony doctrine he embraces.

He uses this God loves everybody and desires everyone's salvation delusion, not based upon careful exegesis of scripture, but based upon his own views regarding "Universal expiation" and the extent of the atonement, and I wish people would challenge him there, at that level.

I also want these Ponterites to go out and freely preach to all men, that God loves them and has died for them and expiated there sins "preceptively" or by the revealed will, but He may not have actually planned and purposed salvation for them by intention.

Let them go out and preach that message to the masses and see what sort of reactions from sinners he shall receive...


PuritanReformed said...


you want them to do Evangelism? Maybe if you parachute them into Saudi Arabia they may do so? Or maybe any tribal village far from civilization without any Internet access, and no Christians present in 60 miles would do too.