Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pyromaniacs: You May Be a Hyper-Calvinist If...

Pyromaniacs: You May Be a Hyper-Calvinist If...

A balanced and well written response by Phil Johnson about the whole matter concerning the recent comments by Dr Allan. It is no secret that I have not been a big fan of Phil's primer, but it is really good to hear from the man himself, and the necessary distinctions he uses which do really help to clarify.

It is even good to hear Phil say that perhaps Dr White is a higher Calvinist than himself, and hence defend his brother against the charges of Hyper Calvinism, even if Phil is more like Iain Murray than Pink, which I will not hold against him!

Thank you Phil, but is there any chance you might consider editing your Primer upon this subject? Not that you are responsible for how others may misuse it, but rather that a re-write may avoid it from happening from now on?


PS, Phil also mentions in this article his friendship with David Ponter and I respect that, but what does Phil think about the doctrine of "universal expiation" or this dualism he promotes that is at the heart of Ponters position. It is "that" view that is fueling not only his followers like Tony Byrne, but is also at the heart of the Arminian presupositions which we have seen wed nicely together in order to attack High Calvinists like Dr White, Robert Reymond and poor Arthur Pink whom I love dearly.

What Iain Murray and banner did with Pink's Sovereignty of God book was just wrong, and having a Pastor that personally knew Pink and was converted under his ministry, allows me the honor to speak against Murray and Banner of truth, for my Pastor assured me that Pink would never have agreed with what they did by editing his work, which views he affirmed to his last breath.

So even though I jokingly fein comment against Phil's favoring Murray over Pink, I do so with firm convictions upon this subject, but am glad both High Calvinists and other Calvinists are on the same team, I do not and personally cannot say the same with regards to Mr Ponter and his band of merry men who seem to be busy trying to restore a balance that only exists in their own imbalance and presupositions sadly, but, enough for now..........

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