Monday, November 03, 2008

Who will win this election?

You will search my blog in vain to find anything about politics, especially American Politics.
Anyway, I was watching Fox News a few moments ago, the Fox and Friends thing, and they were just talking about just how balanced Fox News is with political views, and they were quoting comments from other sources giving Fox a good report.
One hour later, still watching the show and guess what?
Well, at least seven times Obama was in one way or another shown in a negative light and to be honest a very negative light, AND NOT ONE NEGATIVE COMMENT ABOUT M'CAIN so far!

Does not seem fair and balanced to me.

Anyway, for those who are interested, I am not in America, but if I was, I would vote for neither of these candidates.

I find it interesting that other respected Calvinists, like Steve Camp for example, are just so pro Republican that balance is non existent! I do not understand this among reformed believers, even though I love Campi!.

I would vote according to my conscience, and if even that caused the more evil candidate to win, then so be it. Do we or do we not believe in the sovereignty of God?
Many who say they believe in God's sovereignty are way too pragmatic for my liking.

Anyway, just my opinion.
Obviously Fox is not balanced, and neither are any of the popular networks.


PS....Tell me...Who will win this election...Please comment....PLEASE TELL ME.


Hoggibou said...

It is time to throw the baby out with the bath-water.

I will not vote for either major candidate, both are evil socialist. Obama will win. The wisdom of the west has failed. We will be a third world country in 20 or so years. Were McCain to win, it might take 30, but it is a done deal none the less. The people have grown lazy and think that someone owes them something.

I have told my family for years that the only thing worse than a lying Republican is an honest Democrat. Republicans all talk about less government and lower taxes, but borrow and spend like mad men. The Democrats on the other hand will at least tell you they want all of your money and they want it now. I cannot support such wickedness.

Fox says “We report, you decide”, but they have a ton of commentators telling us how we are to understand their reporting.

Tartanarmy said...

Thanks for the comments.
It is a pity that Ron Paul could not have been the next President. He would have shaken things up and restored hope for America I believe.

But, as always, people get what they deserve, and of course, God will not be mocked.

I see America as a very troubled Nation, and hard times may well be coming for her.


Hoggibou said...

Well, I was disappointed in voting today. There was no provision on the electronic voting machine to allow for a write-in-candidate for the US President. I walked out in a huff after complaining to the poll manager about this terrible un-American oversight. After returning home I discovered that the state of South Carolina has not allowed Presidential write-ins for the last 25 years. My bad for the huff, the state’s bad for taking away the right to vote.