Saturday, November 29, 2008

The New Downgrade controversy!

I post the following video which James White put up on his You Tube page.
The video really bothered me no end.

What really is going on between the Synergists connected with the SBC and the Calvinists there.
I am in no way connected with the SBC, so being outside I can speak freely.

All of this in a weird way reminds me of Spurgeons battles way back then, and I really have to wonder how all of his shall pan out.

It seems to me that some things are clear enough. These prominent leaders within this body do not like Calvinism. In fact, they really really come off as ignorant of Calvinism, but also seem to be so negative about it, that they have no desire to even fairly interact with what Calvinism is.

(....The testimony offered in the video below was amazing in that it did not attract correction from the men on that stage in any way, shape or form, and the testimony itself was a whole lot of emotionalism mixed with irrelevancy as far as what Calvinism actually is, that I was stunned at how such comments were so easily accepted without any regard to truth, and then a speech that placates the sentiments expressed by this person are offered..Amazing stuff!....)

This ridiculous cry that "we are all Baptists" and that is what we should be defending, just seems so silly on the face of it. These guys do not even seem to have any knowledge that true Baptist distinctives were historically entwined with Calvinism at it's root!

Of course, being an ex-Baptist myself, who am I even to mention these things!
But, I do know a little about Baptist history, apparently more than these Baptist leaders in the SBC!


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