Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hitchens/Wilson Debate

Click here to go to AOMIN, and then the debate from there.

I listened to this debate, and I do not know about any of you, but it did little for me.
Too quaint and familiar for my taste, and given that Christopher Hitchens is way overated intellectually in my opinion, I thought someone as smart as Doug Wilson would have held the man's feet to the flame, but it never hapenned, and so was quite boring to tell you the truth.

There was this "kind of Presuppositional apologetic" that Wilson started with, but then it all went down hill, and besides, it was not a proper kind of debate with proper rules.
Hitchens, when he gets started, you cannot shut him up. And his drivel is sickening to listen to.

But get used to this type of militant in your face Atheism, as the political climate is now set to give these guys a free pass and they (unlike many proffesing Christians sadly!) will grab their opportunities to assail Christianity and milk it for all their worth toward their own empty materialistic, marxist, God hating ends.


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