Thursday, November 20, 2008

4 views, God's will, the cross and Gene Cook thrown in for free!

I just saw that Tony Byrne from Theological Meditations blogspot was the special guest on Gene Cook's narrow mind broadcast with himself and Jonathon Goundry.
It was a discussion upon Byrne's chart on 4 views about God's will, the cross and compares the thinking between Arminians, then we have these labels concerning this thing called Calvinism, broken up into Classic/Moderate, High and Hyper Calvinism.

The chart was recently given by Tony to his friend Dr Allen, to use at the SB Conference which was on the theme of John 3:16.
Dr Allan was the person who sparked the blogosphere when he decided to use Tony's chart and ideas to malign Dr James White by labeling him a Hyper Calvinist.

Dr Allen was the one who said during the conference, "“Should the Southern Baptist Convention move toward 5-point Calvinism, such a move would be away from, and not toward, the gospel.”

This was met with a standing ovation.

That event sparked a defense from Phil Johnson which I have linked here, and
that defense was a real help against the ideas put out by Byrne, who is prone to use Phil's primer against Hyper Calvinism against genuine Calvinists. It was a case of Phil clarifying his views and it helped to put Byrne in his place, which was good.

I wonder what Gene thinks of that, especially since when the charge was made, James White was in London doing the work of an Evangelist and Apologist, whilst these people were gathered in their comfy conference lobbing smears against him.

Anyway, this post is a work in progress as I aim to interact with the chart and interview,which is no easy task due to the amount of comments made in this interview but in the mean time, listen to the program to get acquainted with these matters.

Things get interesting when the subject of "Expiation" comes into the conversation.
I am not sure whether I heard the term "Propitiation" being mentioned, let alone defended, but I may have missed it. But I will listen to this interview a few times and attempt to transcribe it if I get the motivation going.

The interview can be heard here.

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johnMark said...

Gene didn't really challenge Tony on anything. Nor did the Allen's charge against James White come up although Jonathan did mention James White.