Saturday, October 11, 2008

Meltdown of Modern Civilization as we know it!

With all of this global economic catastrophe going on, I had a wee thought.

Maybe God has decided to crunch modern society back down to smaller interdependent local communities, where we are forced into a much simpler and less complicated way of life. Buying and selling through "barter" methods or similar economic practises, and more involvement individually with people in the community. No more isolationism, rat race, MTV culture and the like. No more Television, games and big houses with 3 cars and fat stomachs and apathy!

More interaction, communication, face to face real life interaction.
Maybe God is at work in humbling the Mighty nations, so that He will bring them to Himself and save some people.

I like this thought of mine. Bring it on, please.......Sure it will be harder and many shall suffer, but "easier" has been killing us all, and maybe God has had enough of it.


Incidentally, I remember this guy below being called a nut last year! It seems he was pretty on the button from where I am standing!

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