Tuesday, October 07, 2008

If Christ Died For All; What Then?

I think this sermon has the possibility to reduce my viewing audience even further, but I pray the Lord will bless and use it for His glory and the good of His people..............

Brief Biography:

Don Fortner has pastored and faithfully declared the gospel of God's free grace in Christ at Grace Baptist Church of Danville Kentucky for over twenty-five years. Only incidentally is he a widely published author, and conference speaker. Books and commentaries he has written include Basic Bible Doctrine; Grace for Today; Discovering Christ in Revelation; Discovering Christ in Genesis; Discovering Christ in the Song of Solomon; Discovering Christ in Ruth; Discovering Christ in all the Scriptures; Life After Pentecost; and The Church of God. His prolific and endless labor to comfort and feed the people of Christ has resulted in a copious amount of unpublished materials now available and updated routinely at

the church of GOD 1,670+ views
what it means to belong
Author: Don Fortner
Paperback ... $7.25 USD
ISBN - 0 85234 281 0 What does it mean to belong to the church of God and what are the privileges and responsibilities involved in membership of a local church? Don Fortner...
Category: Books - General

Grace For Today 1,400+ views
ISBN 0-85234-233-0
Author: Don Fortner
Hardback ... $16.00 USD
Grace for Today is a book of daily devotional readings for every day of the year with a complete scripture reference index. Publisher's comments The author's willingness to...
Category: Books - Devotional

Songs of Grace 1,650+ views
Author: Don Fortner
Paperback ... $3.00 USD
Songs of Grace is a book of hymns, each written to be sung to a familiar tune. They were taken directly from the weekly bulletin of Grace Baptist Church of Danville. There is a...
Category: Hymnals & Psalters

Henry T. Mahan Sermon Sets 2,160+ views
Speaker: Henry Mahan
MP3 CD ... $45.00 USD
The sermons here on SermonAudio preached by Henry Mahan are now available for purchase from Henry T. Mahan Tape Ministry. It was only two years ago that these sermons could only...
Category: Audio - Sermon Sets

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