Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I am confused!

I love Campi and his blog but have been bothered by something recently.
Below is a thread about Mark Driscoll and his lewd and crass methods of speech. Many of the posters lament the graphic nature of Mark's statements and the unnecessary crass pictures they create in the believer's mind etc, and I agree with the sentiment. Please read the thread below for more info.

BUT, and here is my problem.

Steve has recently pointed his readers to a Christian blog which is a somewhat irenic and humorous, satirical commentary of sorts, but is defended by Steve as perfectly fine and the right way to do humor etc,

BUT, and here is my problem

One of the articles there (actually more than one) it seems to me, to create the same kind of unnecessary imagery and crass humor.
See the article below from the site Steve recommends for context.

What is going on? I am confused now. Any help is appreciated at this point.
The following comments at this site recommended by Steve say the following,

"The 214th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) veered sharply away from theology in late June as members threw aside official business and commenced an hours-long orgy on the floor of the RCA Dome."

but this is the first time elders and moderators have "let the issue get personal," said one participant who was naked and wished not to be identified.

said one man. "I'm straight. I've got a wife and kids back in Kentucky. But it was like a spirit came upon us, and wow. What a blast."

No official business was taken up, but everyone went home "exhausted, but fulfilled,"

Steve, I admire your stance on these matters, but please explain the difference between what exactly you are speaking against?
Is it only smut and lewd comments where Jesus is in the same sentence as the joke, therefore other lewd comments not mentioning Jesus are given a free pass and hence ok?

If so, the above site mentions the Spirit coming upon these people who then had a blast...etc
Is it then ok for the Spirit to be the butt of these jokes?

I am confused brother, please help me.



SJ Camp said...

Good morning my brother and thank you for your kind words as well as pointing this article out to me.

I agree that unsavory comments of a lewd nature should not be broadcast by a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.

There are two distinctions here worth mentioning:

1. The context of the Driscoll comments is that he is a pastor and they are being made "in the pulpit." That carries a weight and responsibility due to office and charge of duty of that office (2 Tim. 4:1-5) that intensifies his scatology.

2. The spirit that LN is referring to is not the Holy Spirit (note the small s) but a spirit that is anything but holy. IOW, they are saying that the Presb. USA is a denomination that for the most part endorses a homosexual agenda (due to its liberal views against the authority of Scripture) and is acting against the Holy Spirit in doing so. They maybe went over the top on this one in trying to show how seared the PCUSA consciences really are.

I had never seen that article before. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. Hope this helps a bit...

Keep on serving the Lord. I appreciate your blog and your biblical emphasis there greatly.


Tartanarmy said...

Thanks Steve, I appreciate your comments. I am definitely with you and your views.

I suggest a warning perhaps that you do not affirm everything at that site.

I admit freely, I have laughed at articles on that site (even hysterically!), but mention it nonetheless, as we are accountable for our words and what we affirm...

Thanks for your kind reply, I appreciate it and take your points on board..May the Lord continue to bless your efforts...I am with you and your views about Mark Driscoll, so I do not want anyone to think I am one of his defenders, even though I believe him to be a bother, but a brother in severe error.


SJ Camp said...

Thanks Mark and a good idea about warning on certain articles from time to time as they come up.

I have also added you as a link to COT.

Grace and peace to you,