Friday, July 11, 2008

World youth day, the Pope and True Christianity.

My country has the "world youth day" coming up, which culminates with the visit of the Pope.
Oh how I wish true and mature Christians would speak up and out against this lying impostor, who calls himself names that only God alone in scripture takes to Himself.

False Prophet and an Anti-Christ is what this man is.

Millions upon millions have been deceived by this beast down through the ages and yet he is honored and loved more than any man. Oh the travesty of vesting one's soul within the doors of the system of religion this man heads!

True religion is found in Jesus Christ alone!

Think of the contrasts between these two individuals.

-The Pope lives in riches, but Christ had nowhere to lay His head. (Mat 8:20)
-The Pope has all the refinements of pomp and ceremony, but Christ is a man we do not desire and was nothing to look at. (Isa 53:2)
-The Pope with his royal throne and gold scepter, but Christ was given a hollow reed and a crown of thorns. (Mar 15:17)
-The Pope is carried upon the arms of others in greatness, but Christ was made to carry a rugged cross and was kicked and spat upon. (Luk 18:32)
-The Pope is welcomed by men everywhere and given great honor, but Christ was despised and rejected of men. (Isa 53:3)
-The Pope is said to be the successor of St Peter, but Christ told St Peter He would build His Church upon Peter's confession of faith, not a line of false impostors! (Mat 16:18)
-The Pope kneels down to kiss the earth of each country he visits, but Christ, as the creator cursed the earth in the fall of man, and made it the low ground for the Devil to crawl upon. (Gen 3:14)
-The Pope and His false religion is rich by the worlds standards, but Christ was made poor and of no reputation for our sakes. (Php 2:7)

Oh the contrasts, someone please stop me!

Where are all the Christians to join me in speaking out against this Pope and all that he claims?
How much do we really love the souls of people?


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