Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Works of Henry Mahan.

Today, anyone who decides to go ahead and download the 3 volume Works of Henry Mahan, and decides to start reading them, shall truly be blessed.
They are quality, and come from a faithful Pastor who has been used mightily of God.
He is in my opinion the greatest preacher in the modern world since Lloyd Jones and Pink and very much like Spurgeon before them.

In these three volumes there is gem after gem of teaching and exposition.
There is just so much in them for solid teaching, Bible studies and personal devotion.

Forget everything I have ever tried to say, and get this mans works.

Being a Godly man, his works are FREE to download via PDF Format, or if you can afford it, you can order the Hardback 3 volume set, which is what I am going to save up and get!

There are also hundreds of his sermons available to hear over at!

Go ahead and do your soul a great favor, and get stuck into these works. Student and layman alike will get much indeed from these works of Henry Mahan.


3 Volume set here for free download!

Now, if I get no comments about this man and his works, I will consider that anyone who reads here might not have a measurable pulse, so I am hoping for feedback, even from one person who is blessed by these works or his sermons.


Boanerges said...

Thanks for the info. I had never heard of Henry Mahan until an entry of yours a few weeks back. All I can say is what a blessing, I have listened to Pastor Mahan’s “Why men hate God” sermon over and over and over, and cry every time.

Also thanks for your work here on this blog. You have been an inspiration.

Tartanarmy said...

Thank you very much for your words. They are a blessing to me. Glad to hear you have discovered Henry Mahan. Tell others about this man and his preaching. Again thanks.


Bro! said...

Oh the ministry of Henry Mahan! - What a total pleasing! I agree 100% with your assessment, He is by Gods own hand and Grace, today’s greatest preacher! In fact he was the inspiration for me to start a 'blog' a while back, hoping I could possibly encourage others to listen to him; (see link on name).

Tartanarmy said...

Boanerges, can you send me an invite to your blog?


Boanerges said...

I apologize for not seeing your request. I have opened my blog up to everyone. You may be disappointed, for it is empty. I wish I had the time and a desire to be more involved in this blogging thing, but I just don’t.

As for me; I live in the Deep South USA, I am an elder and adult Sunday school teacher in a small congregation of a small but well-regarded Reformed Presbyterian denomination (ARP), married, four adult children, and five grandchildren. I was raised in an atheistic household by wonderful parents. I “came to know the Lord” at the age of 24 in 1976. Went through a time of charismatic leanings, but stumbled upon a copy of A.W. Pink’s “The Sovereignty of God” and never looked back.

I thank you for your dedication and work.

Tartanarmy said...

Thanks brother..Deep south eh? Sounds great. AW Pink, how I wish there were more like him in these dark days!