Saturday, May 31, 2008

Who is Mark Driscoll?

Well, well well.
I have heard a lot about this guy but have deliberately never said anything about him until today.

My wife comes home from work, and then goes to a prayer meeting, comes home and tells me she might be going to a seminar with a few other women, and the speaker is some American guy. She gives me the invite, and I see the name Mark Driscoll.

She asks me if I know of him. I say I have heard a lot about this man, and a lot of what I had heard was not the most positive, and then I said without even giving it a second thought, "he has been called the cussing Pastor!"....I then immediately felt bad at saying that.
"What do you mean", she said. I gathered my thoughts and simply told her that some people seem to be offended by the man and his methods, but I had not actually come to an opinion. I told her he was a Christian with a huge Church and that he was quite popular and apparently "cool" and stuff.

Anyway, I had the idea to let her hear him for herself, so I went googling on the net. Then, out of nowhere, came the words "vintage Jesus" in my mind. I had heard that name a few times from reading various blogs.
I found the video series on "Vintage Jesus", and part one about the Deity of Christ, and so my wife and I watched it.
At the start, we both kind of squeemed at a few comments but we kept watching the video.
In the end, we both thoroughly loved his message, and we share it here for your thoughts.

I know that not "all" of his presentations may be this good, and I have heard others by him that do make
me squeem and wish he never said what he just said, but this video I had not seen before, and I very much liked it and see Mark here as a very faithful ambassador for our Lord.

There was nothing new in this video that I have not heard before in my Christian life, but if this guy is being given an audience on a regular basis, I can only thank God for this "kind" of message, which is much needed today.
I welcome any feedback!

Enjoy, Mark Driscoll.

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