Monday, May 12, 2008

And deeper and deeper into ignorance we go!

We read over at Steve's forum,
And deeper and deeper into the swamp we go.

Regeneration, or the new birth, is a work of God's grace whereby believers become new creatures in Christ Jesus.
So here we have a believer, i.e., someone who believes the testimony (facts) about Messiah are true, who becomes a new creature (regenerated) in Christ Jesus. Are there any "new creatures" who are not in Christ Jesus? Who are not believers? The Calvinist would have us think so. Where in the scriptures are we told of even one?
It is a change of heart wrought by the Holy Spirit through conviction of sin,
Fair enough. This change of heart through the conviction of the Holy Spirit is a response to hearing the gospel message. The gospel is "the power unto salvation" says Paul. And who has ever been convicted, who hasn't heard? This change of heart is actually one aspect of repentance.

to which the sinner responds in repentance toward God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

And this aspect of repentance, perhaps better termed "reformation", involves a commitment to the Lordship of Messiah in all things and trust (faith) in Him as Savior.

An Arminian

How about not reading faith precedes regeneration into the equation? He even says ABOVE, “becomes a new creature!” So an unbeliever becomes a believer by regeneration? But they will not have that.
Arminians just cannot do it.

So, it is the one willing, the one doing something, the one who can understand that makes the difference between sinner and saved sinner, and not God alone?
Monergism vs Synergism, or is that “sinner-gism”?



PuritanReformed said...


LOL. That's a keeper. What's the exact meaning though? =P

Tartanarmy said...

Well, in these days of Postmodernism, meaning is whatever you want it to mean!