Sunday, April 20, 2008

Strike whilst the iron is hot!

Over at Steve Gregg’s board where I am not allowed to post, there is an interesting thread. Actually there are many interesting threads over there, but I digress. It is interesting because Calvin is misquoted and when this is pointed out, there then seems to be an avalanche of "well I don't care what Calvin said" blah blah blah, and then more irrelevant attacks upon Calvin.
All of this right in the context of misquoting Calvin nonetheless!

How can you even begin to reason with folks like that?
I tried and obviously failed.

If a Calvinist gets anywhere near exposing the falseness of Arminianism, their end becomes immanent.

I welcome Non Calvinists to come here and interact, and I will be patient with them, I promise!

The thread is here.


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